Catering & Conference

Function and catering services

We offer function and catering services for groups of between 7 and 30 people in the Eräpaimen facilities. In the summer months we are able to arrange functions for up to 250 people through our trusted partners.

We specialize in game and fish as well as mushrooms and berries, real local food from our own forest.
We can prepare food for small groups in the kota using flaming and open fire cooking methods.

More details of our function and catering services are available on request.

Conference packages

Our own facilities offer conference packages for groups of 5 – 10 people.
Through our trusted partners, we can arrange conferences for up to 100 people in the summer.

More details about conference packages are available on request.

Kota (goahti)

The kota which is intended for outings is an enjoyable gathering place where you can enjoy food cooked over an open fire. The kota is equipped with electricity, water, gas and an oustide kitchen. The kota can also be used as accomodation for up to six people. In the kota you can prepare flamed salmon, grilled meat, vegetables or enjoy campfire coffee.

Smoke sauna

The traditional wood burning smoke sauna is a place ro relax and escape from the rush of everyday life. After enjoying the smoke sauna, you can swim in Suvasvesi or in winter try your hand at swimming in a hole in the ice. The smoke sauna is big enough for up to twelve people.